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Silver Hair Programme

Silver Hair ProgrammeThe Government of Malaysia welcome Senior Citizens, Pensioners along with the spouses from all over the world (except nationals of Israel and Yugoslavia), to stay in Malaysia on a long term year-to-year basis for 5 years initially and followed by an extension of stay for another year-to-year basis for the next subsequent 5 years.

This programme is not a pre-condition to a Permanent resident status eligibility.

Terms And Condition
Age Qualification
Applicants must be 50 years and above. However, age of spouse is unconditional.

Financial Qualification
Applicants with spouse, must derive pension(s) or royalties or other income of not less than RM10,000.00 per month. Single applicant - pension or royalties or income of RM7,000 per month.
Applicants with spouse - in possession of savings of RM150,000.00 Single Applicant - in possession of savings of RM1000,000.00 (Savings to be transferred to a local bank or financial institutions and applicant(s) must maintain the income or savings when renewing their Visit Pass annuall).

Medical Coverage / Insurance
Applicants must possess medical coverage/insurance applicable in Malaysia. In case of person of old age refused insurance coverage by an insurance company, this requirement is optional. (provide proof)

Visa Requirements
Nationals of countries thet require visa to enter Malaysia will be granted a visa in Malaysia if the application is successful. This will be followed by the issuance of a year-to-year Visit Pass.

Restrictions On Employment
Applicants issued Visit Passes under the Silver-Hair Programme, are not allowed to participate in any form of employment. Taking part in volunteer organizations in accordance with the government rules.

Submission Of Applications
Applications must be submitted to the:

Malaysia Immigration Department
Headquarters Block I, Level 4,
Pusat Bandar Damansara,
Kuala Lumpur.

Sponsors for these applications must either be Malaysian citizens or Permanent residents of Malaysia. Applicants already in the country are permitted to apply provided their Passis are valid.

Acquiring the services of any agent, middleman or a consultant firm (inclusive of a legal firm) is strictly prohibited. All applications must be completed by local sponsor and submitted personally and directly to the Immigration Department.

Application Requirements

  1. Letter of application or a covering memo.
  2. Two (2) copies of IMM12 (application from for Visit Pass)
  3. Personal Bond duly signed by the sponsor and stamp dutied by the Stamp Hudy Office Personal Bond is available at the Immigration Office).
  4. Two (2) passport sied photographs of applicants and spouse.
  5. Photocopies of applicant and spouse Passport / Travel Documents.
  6. Marriage certificates (if accompanied by spouse).
  7. A certified copy of applicants Bank's statement.
  8. A certified copy of medical insurance policy.
  9. A certified copy of sponsors Malaysian identity card.
  10. Other supporting documents (if any).

Client Charter
All applications will be received and processed within a time frame of 14 working days.

The fee for one year Visit Pass Social is RM90.00. The fee for visa will be based on the existing bilateral agreement of visa fees between the two contracting countries.

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Silver Hair Programme
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malaysia hotel & tour reservation
malaysia hotel & tour reservation

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