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Great Wreck Exploration off Labuan

Great Wreck Exploration off Labuan

Marine Park
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Four Wrecks of Labuan (more information)

Every year, people from around Asia come to Labuan to dive. The waters surrounding the seven idyllic islands off Labuan are home to some of Malaysia's richest coral and fishing grounds. Labuan offers fascinating and colourful underwater sights on coral reefs with a dazzling variety of marine life.

Nearby are four wrecks, which also make for great diving for wreck-diving enthusiasts. They are the Blue Water Wreck, the Cement Wreck, the American Wreck and the Australian Wreck. Each of these wrecks has its unique character. All the four wrecks are suitable for both beginners and more serious divers.

Great Wreck Explorations Off Labuan
Up to now, Labuan has identified four ship wrecks to dive near Labuan; two from World War II and two from the 1980's. These ships lie in 100 to 115 feet of water, with the top portions at 25 to 70 feet. Visibility varies greatly season to season from 20 feet to 70 feet. These wrecks are named "Cement Wreck", "American Wreck", "Australian Wreck" and "Blue Water Wreck".

The type of diving on these wrecks ranges from novice to serious wreck diving with penetrations into the hulls. Local dive schools provide various introduction and basic wreck diving training courses leading to a PADI Wreck Diver Specialty rating and TDI Advanced Wreck Diving course.

The "Cement Wreck" is most suited for novice divers. For the "Blue Water" wreck, one must be an advanced diver with deeper diving experience logged. To penetrate into the above two wrecks or to dive the "American" or "Australian" wreck, one must be certified in a wreck diver specialty or have logged experience in wreck diving.

Conditions For Diving
All divers are required to show proof of diver training from an internationally recognized Diver Training Agency or they will not be allowed to dive without first taking a dive course. Log books are highly recommended. All dives must be with a buddy; no solo diving is allowed. Depth on any dive shall be limited to a maximum of 130ft (40m). For safety measures, a mandatory minimum 60 minutes surface interval is required before the next consecutive dive, regardless of whether you are diving by computer or by tables.

To Night Dive, divers must show proof of night, cavern or wreck diving (with penetration) in the form of certification cards or log books documenting such dives. If no proof is available, diver who wish to night dive are required to take an introduction or certification course in night diving. The latest recommendation from DAN and Diver Training Agencies, recommends a waiting time of 12 hours after diving, and sometimes up to 24 hours, before boarding a plane.

Nitrox Diving In Labuan
Enriched Air or Nitrox is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen like air but with higher proportion of oxygen. Using this mixture, divers can stay underwater longer than when using normal air. It is safer than other methods because divers are less likely to get "bends" since they are breathing in more oxygen. The use of Nitrox in recreational diving in Labuan started in 1995. It is only for suitably qualified divers with EANx certification, but certification courses in Nitrox are conducted in Labuan for divers, either in groups or individually.

Four Wrecks of Labuan (more information)
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