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D-Paradise's Fauna World
D-Paradise's Fauna World

Welcome to D-Paradise | D-Paradise's Flora Garden | D-Paradis's Fauna World | D-Paradise's Argo Park |
D-Paradise's Aborigine Village

One of D-Paradise’s main objectives is to create a sanctuary for the protection and conservation of endangered species as well as providing a the opportunity for overseas and local visitors alike to enjoy the truly unique experience of a world – class eco-agricultural tourism park.

Accordingly we have sanctuaries for the Pangolin ant-eater, Konkang koala and Iguanas as well as a rare bird aviary.

Adventure and fun is the key to learning so we let the children get up close and touch the animals through our petting zoo, rabbit enclosure, deer and goat range plus a crab farm and dragonfly enclosure.

Rare Ant Eater Sanctuary
These creatures can grow up to the size of a German Shepard dog. As the name suggests, anteaters eat ants and termites in vast quantites, sometime up to 30,000 insects in a single day.

The world’s Only Dragon Fly Sanctuary
With ancestors about 300 million years old, these impressive mid-air hovering insects are fascinating.Come into our dragon fly sanctuary and see these creature up-close and let them all over you!

D-Paradise's Fauna World

The deer park
It is a must to visit when you are in D-PARADISE as it is one of the best holiday destinations. Take the time and enter this little world of wonder.

D-Paradise's Fauna World

Crab & bee farm
A newly built tourist attraction with numerous crab and bee interspecies living in a farm area. It is a fascinating opportunity to explore the natural life of them both at the same time.

D-Paradise's Fauna World

Rewachoo ostrich Enclosure
Rewachoo Ostrich Enclosure is a combination nature park and attraction ostrich rearing farm. It is the largest and heaviest living bird.If chased, it would be best to lie flat and play dead ...... trying to outrun them would not be such a wise idea!

Rare bird park
In the early morning and evening, visitors can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of thousands of birds flying. A colony of free-flying rare birds is the star attraction of d’paradise a subterranean adventure which allows the public an opportunity to walk in amongst the birds.

Crocodile park
The park is home to [fifteen] dangerous Salt Water Crocodiles, Australian Fresh Water Crocodiles, the exotic New Guinea Freshwater Crocodiles, South American Caimans and American Alligators.

D-Paradise's Fauna World

Pets corner
Pets corner is a designed home for our free range chickens, turkeys and peacocks, as well as cats, dogs, rabbits, hamster, turtles, squirrels and insects. They live together in beautifully landscaped gardens.

D-Paradise Melaka

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malaysia hotel & tour reservation
malaysia hotel & tour reservation

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