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Kenong Rimba Park

Kenong Rimba Park

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Covering an area of about 121 sq. kilometres in the Kenong valley, southwest of Taman Negara is the Kenong Rimba Park. This scenic valley, traversed by rippling mountain streams, is home to the Batek aboriginal tribe. Within the park are magnificent limestone caves beneath which flows the Kenong River as it meanders gently on its way. The sense of tranquility and quiet solitude is broken only by the merry chirping of the birds and the cascading waterfalls. The almost magical quality of the surroundings inspires numerous intriguing folklore such as that of the mango tree which bears such deliciously luscious fruits. You may eat as much as your heart desires but you may not take home even a single fruit lest you be blighted with a curse. Folklore aside, there is much more to fascinate you here.

Kenong Rimba Park

Fascinating Flora And Fauna
Floral Fiesta Within the shade of the cool green forests the keen nature lover is bound to spot some beautiful varieties of wild orchids clinging on to the bigger trees from which they derive their sustenance. Here you will find an interesting variety of plant life that include Tualang (Koompasia excelsa), the tallest tree in the tropical rain forest. Also in abundance is the gigantic ficus tree "Pokok Ara", popularly featured in many local folklore, proverbs and rhymes. A profusion of pink and white water lilies floating on the still green waters adds to the enchantment.

Fine Feathered Friends And Mammals
The area is home to birds such as the dove (Chalcophaps indica) "merpati", merbah red eye (Pycnonothus Prunneus)" merbah mata merah" and Copsycus malabaricus "murai batu" prized by bird lovers for their singing ability. Mammals such as the prickly porcupine whose spiky bristles spread out menacingly at the first sight of danger, the deer (Tragulus javanicas) "pelanduk", Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) or "tenuk" and elephants (Elephas maximus) "gajah" may be found within the park.

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