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Undoubtedly, the wildlife in Danum makes for a memorable experience. Some of the rarest species in Borneo are found in this valley and it is here that sightings of the clouded leopard or Sumatran rhino have occurred.

For the nature lover, Danum Valley is a picture book of the exotic and beautiful. Marvel at the distinctive features of the long nosed Proboscis monkey and the membrane wings of the flying lemur; enjoy the acrobatic antics of the graceful gibbons as they swing rapidly among the trees, their whooping calls echoing through the dawn as opposed to the reasonant groans of the male orangutans which filter through the nightime.

WildlifeSome Mammals found in Danum Valley

  • Orang utan
  • Western tarsier
  • Flying lemur
  • Leopard cat
  • Yellow barking deer
  • Mousedeer
  • Sambar deer
  • Bearded pig
  • Malay civet
  • Long-tailed macaque
  • Slow loris
    • Clouded leopard
    • Giant flying squirrel
    • Lain pygmy squirrel
    • Malayan sun bear
    • Bateng
    • Smooth otter
    • Silvered langur
    • Proboscis monkey
    • Sumatran rhino
    • Asian elephant

    Danum is also a bird watchers' paradise. The most recognizable are the majestic hornbills with their long beaks, colourful plummage and loud swooshing wingbeats. Some of Sabah's rarer residents such as the Great Argus, Bulwar's Pheasant, the Bornean Bristlehead and the Giant Pitta have also been sighted at Danum.

    Some Birds found in Danum Valley

  • Bay owl
  • Bill fletcher
  • Crested fireback pheasant
  • Great argus pheasant
  • Black-backed kingfisher
  • Lesser green leafbird
  • Bornean flycatcher
  • Blue-headed pitta
  • Crimson sunbird
  • Asian fairy bluebird
  • Grey-breasted spiderhunter
  • Spectacled bulbul
  • Buffy fish owl
  • Helmeted & wreathed hornbill
  • Bushy-crested & pied hornbill
  • Rhinoceros hornbill
  • With every layer of forest providing shelter for Danum's birdlife, visitors must sharpen their senses and be constantly on the look out for elusive species by their calls, movements or markings. Patient scrutiny is sure to be rewarded with a decent list of sightings. Usually the sightings will intensify during the fruiting season between July to August.

    Although not everyone's favorite creatures, insects are one of the Valley's most fascinating inhabitants. Danum supports thousands of these little know but very important inhabitants of the tropical rainforest. With only a few stinging bees and wasps, most of the insect colony are harmless and deserve the attention given to their larger counterparts. Take time to find butterflies like the Chocolate Soldier, look closely for the cleverly camouflaged Spiny Stick Insect which appears at first glance to be a twig; and listen to the song of the cicadas as they add their chirping to the natural music of Danum.

    Unlike the African savannah, wildlife in the lowland rainforests of Borneo is not always easy to sight. To spot nocturnal creatures like the leopard cat or clouded leopard who only wake and hunt for food in the dark, one must be prepared to forego sleep and spend many hours waiting and watching patiently.

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