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Stunning Flora & Fauna

Stunning Flora & Fauna

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Flora & Fauna
This botanical paradise of Borneo is home to an estimated 1,200 species of orchids, 26 species of rhododendrons, 9 species of Nepenthes pitcher plants, over 80 species of fig trees, over 60 species of oaks and chestnut trees, 100 species of mammals, 326 species of birds…the list just goes on! It’s no wonder Kinabalu Park has continually attracted top naturalists and botanists from around the world and been proclaimed an area with the richest diversity of flora and fauna. This treasure trove is simply stunning!


Stunning Flora & Fauna

The forests of Kinabalu are some of the richest in the world with an estimated 5,000 flowering plants, and this does not include in innumerable mosses, ferns and fungi. Wild orchids grow in abundance and range in size from pinhead to huge stems over 2m in length. Look out for the exceptionally beautiful Slipper Orchids. They command much commercial interest with the Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid so preciously coveted, it is considered the ‘Kinabalu Gold’.

The world’s largest pitcher plant can also be found in Kinabalu Park. The insect-eating Rajah Brooke’s Pitcher Plants have pitchers that can hold up to 3.5 liters of water! While nineteen species of the beautiful Begonia plants have been documented, with probably half the number endemic. The Begonia Chongii – a rare Begonia plant found on the west side of the mountain – is a recent discovery. It was named in honours of YAB Datuk Chong Kah Kiat, Sabah’s Chief Minister, in recognition of his enthusiastic support for the natural environment and protection of Sabah’s Parks.


Stunning Flora & Fauna

This Wonderland features some of the most amazing creations of nature. Since animals are not easily seen, you’ll find patience a virtue that will be blessed with rare and captivating sights!

A stroll past the street at Headquarters on dark wet nights or in the very early mornings, will reveal moths, beetles and other insects in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some are camouflaged in delicate mossy greens and greys, while others flaunt bright contrasting colours of red, black and white.

Stunning Flora & Fauna Stunning Flora & Fauna

Don’t be surprised if you find ‘twigs’ that walk and ‘leaves’ that fly! Look closer and you’ll find that they are actually insects.

Of course, this abundance of insects and plants play a big hand in supporting a thriving bird population. Over 300 species have been recorded in the park. The Grey Drongo, with white eye-ring and forked tail, and the heavy, long tailed Malaysian Treepie, are two of the commonest at Park Headquarters. Higher up, you will find the small green Mountain Blackeyes and the larger red-breasted Mountain Blackbirds.

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