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Trails to the Top

Trails to the Top

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Climbing Mt. Kinabalu can be done in 2 days but a more comfortable climb in 3 days is recommended to fully enjoy the rich biological diversity. While it does not require special skills to do the climb, you must at least have the basic fitness level. Park regulations state that all climbers have to engage the services of a registered guide on their climb. If you wish, porter through Sabah Parks or Kinabalu Nature Resorts. You can pay when you register at the Park Headquarters.

The are 2 trails up Mt. Kinabalu and Both meet at Layang-layang. The Mesilau Trail was just recently opened and offers more opportunities for viewing flora and fauna. The Summit Trail is the main route taken by most climbers as it is a simpler and shorter approach.

Starting from Park Headquarters, climbers must walk 4 1/2km. up to the Timpohon Gate at 1,866.4m. where the Summit Trail starts. Nearby, lies Carson's Falls where you can refresh yourself. From here, depending on your fitness level, it is an approximate 4 to 5-hour climb for the day.

The trail winds up a steep staircase of gnarled tree-roots to a mossy world of drifting clouds and orchid-draped trees, where pitcher plants and rhododendrons abound. You'll come upon the First Summit Trail Shelter at 1,981.7m. where on a clear day, a view of the road that links Kota Kinabalu city to the Park can be seen. The Second Shelter at 2,081.4m. is your point of entry to the zone of Low's Pitcher Plant, so look out for these oddly-shaped plants with pitcher containers. The mossy forest continues on past to Karamborongoh, where you'll find the Sabah Telecoms Station at 2,252.2m. Interestingly, the name Karamborongoh is derived from the local plant that the Dusun people use to ward off evil spirits. The Third Trail Shelter is further up the ridge.

Trails to the Top

Layang-layang (Place of Swallows) is where the Mesilau Trail meets the Summit Trail at 2,740m. As you climb higher, you will pass a forest of bent and twisted silvery-grey trunks with peeling bark. At about 3,200m. there's a helipad where you can catch a magnificient view of the Summit Plateau. Look around for Paka Cave. This was where the first explorers slept.

Panar Laban - the 'place of sacrifice' - was where Sir Hugh Low and his local guides performed a ritual sacrifice to appease the ancestral souls for their 'disturbance' to the spirit world. Nearby is the Laban Rata resthouse and cafeteria where you'll stay the night before continuing the climb the next morning.

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