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Selangor Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon

At SUNWAY LAGOON, you will find a host of added facilities and amenities to enhance your enjoyment. Information counters are located in all three parks to help you make your way around. Swimming apparel, toiletries and other necessities are available at various retail shops. Special lockers are made available so you can have fun without the hassle or worry over the safekeeping of your belongings.

Scream and splash your way into the "Waters of Africa"
Scream and splash your way into the Waters of Africa, the theme park's newest attraction. Dare to take a journey into the African wilderness with new, out-of-this-world thrilling and exciting water rides in Malaysia's only African-themed Water Park.

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

Outlast and outplay your friends in the Congo Challenge, Malaysia's only headfirst six-lane racer water ride. If that's not enough, brave the heights and speed of the intense Cameroon Climb. The first-in-the world double tube water ride that steeply drops two riders at one time from as high as 15 metres, and shoots them up again to a height of eight metres. Another ride that promises an unforgettable experience will be the gigantic African Pythons. Spin around in loops before being propelled out of gigantic tubes!

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

At Jeffrey's Bay, surf the waves at raging heights of up to eight feet, in the world's largest man-made surf wave pool, with a spectacular backdrop of Asia's first man-made erupting Volcano! Then, take a journey along the majestic Elephant Walk, where life-sized elephant sculptures guard a magnificent lake.

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

After a day of hardcore fun and excitement, step into the happening Zulu Walk. Don't be surprised to find a fire-eater around the corner or African tribal dancers welcoming you.
A wild African adventure awaits for those who dare! You have to see it to believe it.

Go back to the old frontier of cowboys and Indians when one enters the Wild Wild West land. Discover authentically-styled facades and totem poles which further enhance the feel of a cowboy town. Find yourselves in the company of roaming Apache Indians and saloon dancing girls, as you stroll along the streets of the Wild Wild West.

Get wet on the exhilarating Niagara Falls Flume Ride or be swirled around the raging waters of the Grand Canyon River Rapids. For the fearless, feel the world going upside down as you experience the 360-degree swings of the Tomahawk.

Not forgetting fun rides for the whole family like the Buffalo Bill Coaster, Apache Pots, Butch Cassidy's Trail and many more. So, take a walk on the wild side and you never know what you may encounter.

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

At the World of Adventure, find endless excitement and thrills. The World's Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge, measuring 428m in length, offers a breathtaking view of the whole Lagoon from a dizzying height.

These are among many exhilarating rides and attractions that will guarantee a true adventure experience.

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

A New Experience in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park - Voodoo Adventure River
The adventure begins 20th August 2005. Be enchanted by the state-of-the-art characters.
Voodoo, or juju, as it is known in West Africa, originated a few hundreds year ago among Yoruba people who live in an area comprising modern-day Togo, Benin, and parts of Nigeria. Followers of voodoo honors the spirit of rivers, they believed that the spirits of the river can protect them.
Be mesmerized on the journey through the dark and mystic waters of a motif common to fairy tales and angelic characters with their inspirational words. This is a journey not to be missed. It is a journey to be remembered, a journey to be cherished.

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

Today, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park can boast once more. Effective of mid-January 2005, the all-new Kalahari Kids has been launched. Having always been a theme park capable of supplying the entertainment appropriate to every age group and stand of society, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park does still set height regulations on selected faucets of the park for safety purposes. Thus, it is usually the children of the lower primary school age and below who sit out whilst the bigger kids have all the fun.

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

That is what Kalahari Kids is all about. A place that is constructed to specifically give the younger kids something to really dominate and call their own. Fenced in and set apart from the rest of the park, it is a very safe establishment and the kids can have a really peaceful time playing whatever suits their fancy.

Designed to resemble a humble African village in the middle of nowhere, a number of creative techniques have been employed by the experts to ensure that there are enough things in this little playpen to keep the kids busy for hours to come. A selection of water guns and tip buckets line the posts along with some slides. A very large tip bucket at the top of the architecture showers torrents of water down on laughing children like a mini waterfall, whilst a mother hippopotamus and her baby wade in the knee-high pool to accompany them. A lone Masai warrior stands intimidating by the entrance as if to safeguard the children whilst they have fun.

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

"Ahoy!, buckos. Hold on't your stomachs as you take a spin in Sunway Lagoon's all-new Pirate's Revenge, Malaysia's first and only 360° rotatin' pirate ship."

"Scream your hearts and guts out as t' ship swin's aaft and forth, higher and higher, on t' high seas before findin' yourself suspended upside down 24 metres above sea level!"

"It's an adventure t' remember, and t' first 100 brave souls t' survive t' ride will walk away with a certificate t' prove it."

"So get down smartly t' Sunway Lagoon today."

Selangor Sunway Lagoon

Operating Hour

Mon - Fri : 11am - 6pm
Tue : Closed
Sat - Sun : 10am - 6pm
Public/School Holidays : 10am - 6pm

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