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Kenyir Lake - Waterfalls

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There are many spectacular waterfalls in Kenyir Lake. These waterfalls are popular spots for picnicking as they provide a cool, relaxed and rejuvenating ambience that awaits its visitors, a picnic at these fails is featured in almost every itinerary. Better basic amenities like toilets, changing rooms and rest areas are being planned at these popular spots.

Kenyir Lake - Lasir Waterfalls

Lasir - Located 16km (30-45 minutes beat ride) to the south of Pangkalan Gawi, is one of the most popular picnic spots in Kenyir Lake. With a malestic tall of some 500 feet, Lasir drops gracefully onto a mull! tiered level of boulders and rocks forming cascading showers of foaming while sprays of water. This waterfall, as with all waterfalls within Kenyir, is well shaded by the leafy, green canopy of the surrounding tropical rainforest.

Kenyir Lake - Saok Waterfalls

Saok - A mere 15 minutes boat ride from Pengkalan Gawl, Seek Waterfall Is fast gaining popularity among holiday makers. Cascading waters over Its rocky terraces and boulders and a flat sandy area at ground level make it a perfect picnic spot for the whole family.

Kenyir Lake - Tembat Waterfalls

Tembat - Unlike Lasir and Saok, Tembat Waterfall Is actually composed of five rapids of fast flowing cascades. With a large camping area at its side, it is without doubt, the most popular destination for campers. A biking trail leading to the top of the fall rewards the biker with a magnificent view of the watertall and its surroundings. A boat ride from Pengkalan Gawi to Tembat takes about an hour.

Kenyir Lake - Waterfalls

Other waterfalls within the Lake is the Pertang, Leban, Terenggan, Late Terap and Petuang.

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