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D-Paradise Resort, Malacca

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D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort
Melaka, Malaysia

D-Paradise - Malaysia Tropical Fruit World and Aboriginal Native Village
The World's largest collections of tropical, landscaped garden full of fun, adventure and discovery.

Welcome to world's largest tropical fruit world and unique native living village in Malaysia. a must visit when you are in Malaysia or Singapore. The Balinese Spa is our latest facility and attraction. The spa, operated and managed by experienced Balinese staffs has further elevated the status of the resort. Besides spa packages, guests can also opt to stay at our Bali inspired luxurious villas.

Besides enjoying a relaxing experience at the spa, another key attraction is our night safari, which is similar to Taman Negara. Some of our guests even commented that they saw more wild animals in our little Taman Negara as compare to the Taman Negara! Our strategically located resort also attracts Singaporean visitors, many of whom are on their way to Genting Highlands.

Our vast collection of tropical fruit trees and unique living aboriginal native village has impressed and attracted many repeat visitor to the resort. Besides offering guests to opportunity to see various tropical fruit trees, it is also our resort objective and endeavor to preserve endangered species of plants whilst promoting green farming and living.

As a new UNESCO World Heritage site, Melaka is only 30 minutes drive from the Resort and special tour packages are being designed for overseas tourist including 4 nights stay at D-Paradise in Melaka and 5 nights stay in luxurious villas in Bali. Today, Melaka State Government in also in talks with Air Asia over the possibility of granting rights for Air Asia to operate from the Melaka International Airport.

Let's stay a night and discover the true beauty of D-paradise!


Hill President Villa
Reside at an elevation of almost 1,000 feets on a terraced hillside giving commanding views of D-Paradise. Combining the luxuries and space of a villa with the amenities and attention of a 5-star resort, it comes with 3 bedrooms and private pool.
D-Paradise Resort
Camping Ground
Set around lakes stocked with fish, the facilities are designed for comfort and convenience for those who want to get close to nature, but at affordable rates.
D-Paradise Resort

Camp David Island
Enclosed by luxuriant foliage, this island has its own swimming pool and landscaped water features. The chalet houses are stressful between swaying fruit trees

Located on a private island giving wonderful view and surrounded by a small lake, this popular feature includes four modern hardwood constructed chalets, your own meeting room and a dinning room with a well equipped kitchen. Enclosed by luxuriant foliage, this island has its own swimming pool and landscaped water features. The chalet houses are stressful between swaying fruit trees. Guests have a chance to taste the ripe fruits in the surroundings of their chalet area, such as kuini, horse-mango, rambutan, durian, coconut and khaya.

D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort D-Paradise Resort D-Paradise Resort

D-CEO Village House (Kampung Houses)
The method was very basic but the result was natural and unassuming...

A wood design based on Traditional Malay Kampung House. Relax in the intimate, set your mind and spirit free and enjoy the serenity of nature, the fragrance of fresh flowers and fruits, and soak in nature friendly kampung atmosphere, where guests are encouraged to make themselves at home.

Accommodation is in 13 antique Malay timber houses and can sleep from 4 to 8 persons. The houses are beautifully restored with modern amenities, including colour TV, air conditioning, shower, tea & coffee making facilities, and are individually decorated in a unique Asian style.

D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort D-Paradise Resort D-Paradise Resort

Food & Beverage
We provide multi choice of fine dining. Our chef from Thailand, Philippine and Malaysia will happy to cater your special requirement or diet.

D-Paradise Resort

Private Dinning Room
Private dinning room at Camp David Island. Only applicable for staying guests.

D-Paradise Resort

Village Restaurant/Cafe

Atmosphere : A La Carte / Buffet
Cuisine : International
Hours of Operation : 7.00am - 12.00pm

Meeting & Conferences

• Number of Meeting Rooms : 5 Technicians
• Largest Meeting Room Seats : 300
• Smallest Meeting Room Seats : 10
• Audio Visual Equipment and
• Outdoor Function Space
• Convention Services Staff

D-Paradise Resort D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort D-Paradise Resort

Facilities & Activities
Gift Shop & Convenient Store
Should you need any souvenirs for your friends? Our gift shop has what you need. From caps, shirts, rattan products & others.

Buggy Hire & Shaded Walkways
You can rent a self drive buggy either 2 or 3 seater to go around the park or you might take up our buggy taxi with our park ranger to know better about the park.

Alternatively, you can hire our sport bicycle ride around the park, as you are not worry your children facing the danger traffic happening in the city.

D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort
4- Seater Buggy
2-Seater Buggy
D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort

Adventure & Discovery

D-Paradise Resort

Lunch With An Aborigine Tribe

A once in a life-time experience to share a meal and drinks prepared the natural way over the last 1000 years in the jungle.

D-Paradise Resort

Jungle Trek & Hunting Trip With The Natives

Ever hunted with a blow pipe? Discover how the natives heal themselves using medicinal herbs from the jungle, start fire without matches, had a picnic in the rain forest...

D-Paradise Resort

Park Ranger Education

Personal 2 hour guided tour with our own Park Rangers - entertaining and informative. Get ready to be shown the D-Paradise's key attractions and what makes them so unique.


Cactus Park

See the largest collections of cactus right here in D-Paradise. See these fascinating thorny plants from as small as 2 inches to a few feet high.

In Malaysia, the average temperature throughout the year is 26°C and the annual rainfall is over 2400mm (95 inches) with a humidity of 80%. This collection is still expanding with more than 50 different genera of cactus.


D-Paradise Resort
Orchid Park
Explore the world's finest displays of tropical flowering orchids in D-Paradise in the open sunshine and in the small terrace house. You will have the opportunity to admire a wide variety of orchids, both in their original form and hybrid, as well as other tropical flowers.
D-Paradise Resort
Monkey Cup

See our monkey cups collections here in D-Paradise. Passive pitfall traps produces at the tips of the leaves trap and digest small insects...

Monkey Cups, also can be known as Nepenthes of Tropical Pitcher plants are impressive plants, roughly divided into highland plants and lowland plants. Our monkey cups are growing well in a warm greenhouse with shading.

D-Paradise Resort
Deer Park

The park features several local species of deer resting at the edge of tall trees or shrubs. It is interesting to see hinds / bucks, does and fawns roaming freely in the sprawling valley / park. At the edge of the park near the stream you may catch sight each of them. Much to visitor's delight, these friendly deer will usually come close to be fed as you watch them.

D-Paradise Resort
Rabbit Corner

Let your children cuddle the cute animals.

They live together in beautifully landscaped gardens with flowering plants and various fruit trees, reflecting a harmonious environment of flora and fauna.

D-Paradise Resort

Robber Crab
Have you seen the worlds largest land crab, biggest weight 5kg each, the gift is from Australia Government, Christmas Island... See them in action, see them crack the coconut for food... Or spend RM5000, catch the flight to Christmas Island... That your choice.

D-Paradise Resort D-Paradise Resort D-Paradise Resort

• Tropical Fruits
One of the world largest collection in tropical fruit, you can discover 800 type of species in more than 168 acres of Orchard Garden with took more than 5 years of preparation.See the fruits, smell them and taste them... However, we are open to visitor to pick the fruits subject to fruits in season.

D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort
Passion Fruit
Pink Guava

• Native Village
Malaysia have many ethnic aboriginal native, D-Paradise are please to have native village in this special "back to nature" design in the 20 acres area... See how the aboriginal live, play and work, watch and enjoy antique handcraft, being made from surrounding material resource... Or join them hunting with blow-pipe... Or join them for native meal... Or join them jungle trekking.

D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort
D-Paradise Resort
Native Village

Pick-up service for major hotels and airports in Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and other major states can be arranged with a one day minimum advanced booking.

D-Paradise Resort

D-Paradise Resort
63, Jalan Solok Uban | Kampung Brisu, Melaka 78100, Malaysia .

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malaysia hotel & tour reservation
malaysia hotel & tour reservation

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