Borneo Rainforest Resort Day Tour (6 Hours)

Valid Period from 01 Apr 2018 to 31 Mar 2019


Room Type Price (MYR) Guest(s)
Room Type Price (MYR) Guest(s)
Room Type Price (MYR) Guest(s)
Room Type Price (MYR) Guest(s)
(C1) High Rope Course (per Game)27.00
(C2) Abseil Tower (per time)16.00
(C3) Low Rope Course (Per Game)16.00
(C4) Obstacle Course (Per Game)16.00
(C5) Station Rope Course (Per Game)16.00
(C6) Bamboo Rafting (Per Game)38.00
(C7) Bumper Ball ( per Game)16.00
(C8) Giant Slipper11.00
(C9) Magic Carpet11.00
(C10) Magic Rope11.00
(C11) Snake Game11.00
(C12) Square Chasing Game (Petak)11.00
(C13) Coconut Bowling11.00
(C14) Obstacle Caterpillar Walk11.00
(C15) Tarantula Games11.00
(C16) Magic Nail11.00
(C17) Mummy Race11.00
(C18) Hula Hoop11.00
(C19) Mister Potato11.00
(C20) Leaking Hole (Bocor)11.00
(C21) Round the World 365 Days11.00
We regret that rooms are not available on selected dates.
Please choose other date.

Package Includes:

- Meals as per mentioned in tickets purchased.
- Inclusive of prevailing government tax at 6 % and 10 % service charge.
- Inclusive of entrance ticket if applicable.

Package Excludes:

- Others not mentioned and specified above.
Day Itinerary Meals
  • Tour itinerary are subject to change without any prior notice, any leaving tour without notice will be liable to additional charges
  • Itinerary & shopping stop is subject to guide arrangement/traffic

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Above rates are in Ringgit Malaysia and are inclusive of prevailing government tax at 6 % and 10 % service charge 

  2. Surcharge applies on Weekend, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays and School Holidays.


Activities Selection

Category A

  1. Resort Tour (A1)
  2. Games At Hall (A2)
  3. Boating (A3)
  4. Nature Walk (A4)
  5. Waterfall Visit (A5)
  6. Water Park & Swimming Pool (A6)

Category B (Chargable if take Ticket 3)

  1. Archery (B1)
  2. Fishing (B2)
  3. Pony Ride (B3)
  4. Flying Fox (B4)
  5. Big Swing (B5)
  6. Wet Postman Walk (B6)
  7. Kayak (B7)
  8. Hanging Bridge (B8)
  9. Wall Climbing (B9)
  10. Monkey Slide (B10)
  11. Mini Flying Fox (B11) (Kids Only)
  12. Water Roller (B12) (Min 2 Person)

Category C (Chargable)

  1. High Rope Course (C1)
  2. Abseil Tower (C2)
  3. Low Rope Course (C3)
  4. Obstacle Course (C4)
  5. Station Rope Course (C5)
  6. Bamboo Rafting (C6)
  7. Bumper Ball (C7)
  8. Indorr Games (C8 - C21)


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